Plywood flooring

Advanced construction requires advanced solutions. Metsä Wood's plywood flooring solutions deliver high performance on and off site. Metsä Wood Spruce plywood is a strong and rigid panel with a good load-bearing capacity and small deflections. Overlaid Metsä Wood Birch panels with slip resistant wire mesh surface are durable, making them ideally suited for flooring applications.

Flexible and rapid to install plywood flooring

The TG2 and TG4 profiled plywood flooring panels make the floor installation easy by using conventional wood working tools. The smooth and uniform surface of the plywood flooring panels is an ideal foundation for parquet floors, carpeting and floor tiles. Metsä Wood Spruce plywood can also be used as ready-made floors or in temporary flooring constructions. Spruce plywood has good slip resistance, and therefore functions as a safe working surface during construction time.

Overlaid Metsä Wood Birch plywood panels, like Deck and Floor, are used in permanent structures, primarily floors, loading ramps and access driveways of industrial buildings, warehouses and similar applications, where lift trucks and pallet lifts often cause a high wheel load in combination with high surface pressure on the floor. Metsä Wood Birch are also used in parquet floors to provide additional strength to overall structure. Metsä Wood Birch plywood panels for flooring: Birch, Deck, Floor, Top, Granit Top.