Sustainability re-engineered

Tomorrow, sustainability is not enough. Instead of sustaining the status quo and preventing further environmental damage, the construction industry must become regenerative. To change things radically for the better, we need to re-engineer sustainability.

By redesigning the way we build, and rethinking the use of raw materials, we can advance bio and circular economy, while creating a better future. 

Dependency from fossil materials can be reduced by using materials more efficiently and building more with wood. This has many benefits, as wooden elements for example are reusable, they lower carbon emissions and require a smaller amount of building materials. All the wood used by Metsä Wood is traceable and comes from certified or controlled forests.

As the trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store carbon. After a tree has been harvested, four new seedlings are planted to create carbon sinks of the future. The carbon stored in the tree then stays locked when the wood material stays in use. Once the material is disposed after being reused, the stored carbon is released back to the atmosphere, where it is absorbed by trees through photosynthesis. When energy recovery is used as the final disposal method of wood products, the renewable wood material substitutes fossil fuels in energy consumption.

Solutions from Nordic forests

The best results are reached when all building materials are used together. Often solutions combine different materials and their strengths. Wood products can be used alongside other materials. Let's rethink the way we build today, and reap the benefits tomorrow. Sustainability re-engineered.