Birch Plywood for Heavy trailers

Metsä Wood has worked long in cooperation with major trailer manufacturers to meet and exceed the requirements of heavy transport applications. Metsä Wood plywood products for these applications are manufactured to withstand the daily grind of continual use. Large offering of panel sizes allow flexibility of design while not compromising material efficiency.  

Major advantages 

  • High strength-to-weight ratio 

  • On-time deliveries 

  • Variety of sizes 

  • Large 2,020 × 4,110 mm size seamless panels 

  • Maximal KingSize panel 13,500 × 2,500 mm 


Metsä Wood plywood is exceptionally strong, light weight and easy to fix. Metsä Wood flooring products contribute to safety by having exceptionally good friction values and thereby improving loading security. Metsä Wood offers load bearing components for floor applications and solutions for refridgerated trailers.  

Metsä Wood plywood products and service offering allow customers to concentrate on their key strengths, while Metsä Wood takes care of correct and timely deliveries with high-quality products.