Design toolbox

Metsä Wood supports structural timber design by providing several handy calculation and design tools. These tools can help predesigning your projects and details thus reducing time and resources needed at the site.


Predesigners for Kerto LVL and Finnjoist

Metsä Wood Predesigner online tools for quick and easy static calculations of engineered wood for all end devices (tablets, mobile phones, laptops). Tools are available with NL and DE specification, but can also be used for predesigns in other countries.

Open DE Predesigner   Open NL Predesigner


Connection calculators

Quick calculations for bolt, screw and nail connections with LVL and other timber materials with typical connector types. Calculations are according to Finnish RIL 205-1-2017.




Fire design

Calculators for determining basic fire behavior characteristics of LVL and other wood products in common structures. Calculations are according to EN 1995-1-2 and to Finnish RIL 205-2-2019.