Wall elements

Kerto® LVL products can be used in wall elements in many ways: Q-panels can be used for carrying vertical loads and bracing, rigid S-beams as lintels and T-studs as straight and accurate vertical studs in timber frame wall elements.

Benefits of using Kerto LVL in wall elements and classical timber frame system

  • Traditionally prefabricated and easy to install 

  • Offers improved quality and construction time safety 

  • Overall shorter on-site construction time 

  • Studs made of Kerto LVL S-beams and T-studs are straight and thin (45-57 mm), which results in material savings, faster production and straighter walls  

  • Homogenity of LVL makes the production process in general smoother and faster        

  • Horizontal lintel made of Kerto LVL S-beam or Q-panel offers a lot of space for roller shutter box saves timber and speeds up production through easy handling without crane.         

  • Kerto LVL rimboard helps to prevent defects in the façade. 

Kerto LVL products can be used in wall elements in many different ways. The LVL components in the elements are strong and stiff, as well as lightweight. It is easy to build elements from Kerto LVL as it is easy to machine due to its straightness and dimensional stability. CNC machining can be used for lead throughs and connections. Prefabricated wooden wall elements are light and easy to handle on construction site.  

Various wall element designs

Large and rigid Kerto LVL Q-panels can be used in the wall elements for carrying vertical loads and as a bracing structure simultaneously, thus saving material, time and workload. Q-panels with ready-made half-lap joints makes the installation even easier and fewer screws are needed. The wall bracing with robust Kerto LVL Q-panels comes especially into a question when high capacity is required due to limited space for the bracing structure, e.g. due to large window and door openings.

Straight and dimensionally precise Kerto LVL T-studs provides an even base for a good quality wall panelling in the wall elements, with significant material savings. Rigid and straight Kerto LVL S-beam lintels as slim structural members with minimal deflection leave more space for thermal insulation and provide larger adaptability of opening positioning.