Sustainability in Metsä Wood

Metsä Wood is part of Metsä Group, a Finnish forest industry group that operates in international markets. Sustainability has its place in the core of Metsä. Everything we do involves sustainability – from the forest all the way to the products, all around the company. Metsä Wood aims to be the global forerunner in sustainable construction through its innovative wood products, resource efficiency across the value chain and effective use of renewable material.

We are committed to serving three customer segments: construction, distribution and the transport vehicle industry. By delivering high-quality wood products, we offer our customers sustainable, cost-effective and durable alternatives. Our main products are Kerto® LVL, birch and spruce plywood, and further processed sawn timber (UK). Material-efficient wood products store carbon and play an important role in combating climate change.

  • 96%

    of side streams are used as new raw materials

  • 97%

    of the raw materials are fossil-free

Raw materials

Metsä Wood’s main raw material, wood, comes from sustainably managed northern forests where growth exceeds use. Most of the wood we use comes from forests owned by Metsä Group’s 90,000 owner-members.

Metsä Group delivered approximately 35 million seedlings to Finnish forest owners – four seedlings are planted per each harvested tree in regeneration fellings.

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Social responsibility

Everyone has the right to work in a safe and healthy working environment. Our goals and indicators for safety at work support us in continuously developing our operations. We have achieved good results in the area of safety at work in our comprehensive safety management system, which is based on preventive measures and an effective system for registering safety observations.

We are proud of our responsible corporate culture, which requires all our employees and suppliers to comply with the highest ethical standards.

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Resource and energy efficiency are the basis for Metsä Wood’s sustainable and economical production. We use raw materials, energy and water as efficiently as possible. We reduce our environmental impact by using the latest technology and the development of the production process, which enables us to make more end products.

Production side streams are considered valuable raw materials for new products and for renewable energy production. Currently, we utilise 96% of production side streams.

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Our Kerto® LVL, birch plywood and spruce plywood products are high-quality engineered wood products made for the needs of the construction, concrete formwork and transport industries. These products are ideal for use in whole wooden structures or with other materials.

All our products are made from renewable wood raw material, which helps reduce use on fossil resources and offer sustainable choices for demanding applications. The wood products stores carbon as long as the products are used.

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