Volumetric modules

Wood construction is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Wood products have become more competitive in residential construction in particular, due to the advanced degree of modularity and prefabricated elements. Metsä Wood is increasing the amount of Kerto® LVL-based element construction through its partner network in Europe.

Benefits of using volumetric modules

  • Extended off-site construction possibility with shorter on-site construction time

  • Offers the opportunity for construction process development with full per work station sub-optimization

  • Part of lean construction with minimal waste

  • Factory production minimizes delays due to weather

Volumetric module production in Kaufmann

Endless possibilities with modules

The construction industry is undergoing a major transition, with construction moving from building sites to off-site manufacturing. Industrially standardised products increase the quality and efficiency of construction. The turnaround time on building sites is shortened and the amount of errors reduced, and there is hardly any wastage of materials.

Metsä Wood has been making long-term efforts to find permanent partners for industrial wood construction. The aim is to develop an ecosystem based on Metsä Wood’s Kerto LVL (laminated veneer lumber) products.

Metsä Wood’s core business will be industrial-scale LVL manufacturing, and our partner network will carry out a lot of product development based on our products. This arrangement will benefit the growth of the entire ecosystem. Cooperation is an important step in expanding the wood construction sector – including urban construction, where the greatest potential is.

Building with wood is the shape of things to come

Metsä Wood has long-term supply and cooperation agreements with LVL element builders. Metsä Wood supplies fixed-length Kerto® LVL products from which its partners manufacture roof, floor and wall elements, as well as complete modules.

Lifting volumetric module for Little Finlandia

Kerto LVL can be used for practically all construction purposes. The increasing sales in prefabricated bathroom and kitchen modules and apartment modules indicate that wooden apartment buildings are the shape of things to come. Metsä Wood’s partners’ product development aims to faster building process, optimal costs and homogenous quality.

Versatile construction with Kerto-Ripa

Kerto LVL Ripa elements design system is an innovation by Metsä Wood that allows wide spans without supporting partition walls or columns. It is based on Metsä Wood’s Kerto LVL wooden panels, which feature outstanding dimensional stability. The Finnish manufacturer developed the production of rib and box elements through a defined connection of timber; the use of these elements opens up new options in wood construction spanning widths of up to 20 meters.