Metsä Wood's sustainability targets 2030

Metsä Wood’s sustainability targets are based on Metsä Wood’s strategy and Metsä Group’s sustainability targets. These targets are set to achieve excellence in sustainability across the supply chain and in our daily work by 2030. Targets are based on the global Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs – set by the United Nations.

Sustainability targets guide our operations

Metsä Wood is a forerunner in creating value with premium-quality sustainable northern wood. Sustainability and industrial efficiency are the cornerstones of our strategy. To achieve our ambitious sustainability targets, we invest in resource efficiency and focus on sustainable raw materials, a sustainable supply chain, and safe and ethical operations. We support the mitigation of climate change by aiming for fossil-free mills by 2030 with zero fossil CO2 emissions and 100% fossil-free raw materials.

Our sustainability indicators by 2030: 





Safeguarding biodiversity Mitigating climate change Using natural resources efficiently We do the right thing  Promoting safety and well-being The importance of a forest - based bioeconomy for society

100% of regeneration sites have retention trees

100% of harvesting sites have high biodiversity stumps

0% spruce as the only tree species groving after young forest tending

10,000 actions to increase biodiversity

0 t  of fossil CO2 emissions (scope 1 & 2)

100% of fossil-free raw materials and packaging materials

+30% regeneration and tending area in forest*

+50% forest fertilization area*

+30% continuous covered forestry in peatland forests 

+30% carbon sequestered in products **

* hectares, compared to 2018
** CO2-ekvivalent, compared to 2018

-35% process water use per tonne*

-10 energy efficiency improvement**

0 t process waste to landfill

* m3/t, compared to 2018
** energy efficiency index, compared to 2018

100% implementation of measures decided on the basis of the ethics barometer ​

100%​ anonymous recruitment in job vacancies

>30​% of women in management

Accident frequency rate (TRIF)  0 

Personnel job  satisfaction index on very good level AAA 

100% traceability of raw materials 
share of certified wood 

All suppliers 100% commitment to Supplier Code of Conduct

Core suppliers: 100%​ supplier assessments and audits done 


Our sustainability targets are derived from the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals SDGs

Metsä Wood and its parent company Metsä Group are committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. The United Nations (UN) have launched the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. These 17 goals address the global challenges we face in the world, e.g. climate change and environmental degradation.

Of a total of 17 SDGs, Metsä Wood has selected the seven goals to which we contribute most in our operations. We take UN sustainable development targets and our own sustainability targets seriously, and through the continuous improvement of our operations, we are aiming to achieve a more sustainable future for all of us.