Why material efficiency is important?

Material efficiency in construction is crucial for three key reasons. Firstly, it plays a vital role in conserving natural resources and reducing the environmental impact of the construction industry, contributing to a more sustainable future. Secondly, it offers significant economic benefits by reducing material use, making construction projects more cost-effective, competitive, and advantageous for both companies and clients. Lastly, material efficiency helps to minimize waste, leading to cost savings in waste disposal and lessening the environmental burden associated with construction-related waste.

Unique properties of Kerto LVL support material efficiency 

The reasons why Kerto LVL stands as a prime example of material efficient material are:

Extremely strong: LVL offers remarkable strength-to-weight characteristics. It is stronger than other solid wood products, allowing construction with less material while maintaining structural strength. This not only reduces material consumption but also facilitates easier handling and installation.

Dimensional Stability: LVL is highly resistant to warping, shrinking, and splitting. This dimensional stability ensures minimal material waste during and after construction. Less material is discarded due to defects or structural instability. This affects also to costs.

Unique design properties: Kerto LVL offers designers light, slim, and extremely durable structures. Which means less material is needed for construction. More space adaptability with less load bearing walls. Slim structures leads also to more square metres to sell.

LVL products veneer structure eliminates the impact of natural defects, such as knots, resulting in a homogeneous material with excellent structural properties.

Due to the low deviation of LVL’s high strength and stiffness, means that these properties can be fully utilized as characteristic values in structural design

Customizable Sizing: LVL is manufactured in various sizes to suit specific construction requirements. This customizability reduces the need for excessive cutting and shaping of material on-site, minimizing material waste and labor costs.

Optimal Use of Raw Wood: The production of LVL makes it one of the most material efficient wooden construction material. The efficient use of wood resources to produce LVL ensures that more products is derived from each tree, contributing to efficient use of forest resources.

Durability: Kerto LVL can be treated to be moisture resistant meaning it has a longer service life, reducing the frequency of replacement or repairs. This long-lasting quality lowers the lifecycle costs of a construction project.

By re-engineering how we think of materials and their effective use is crucial, as well as using the best practices we already have available. One of these is Kerto LVL, which is cost- and material-efficient and can be used as an alternative to many other materials used in the construction industry.

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