High performance roofing plywood

Advanced construction requires advanced solutions. Metsä Wood's roofing plywood solutions are both eco-efficient and deliver high performance on and off site. Whether it is residential housing, schools, sports stadiums, retail, commercial or warehousing - we are confident we can provide the right plywood roofing solution.

Spruce roofing plywood

Metsä Wood Spruce plywood is the perfect roofing plywood. It is an ideal sheathing panel in both visible and non-visible roof constructions. Roofing plywood is a strong and natural construction material that fulfils the strictest requirements of all the relevant standards and building regulations set on wood based materials. Metsä Wood Spruce is easy to work with in conjunction with joists of all kinds, such as solid wood, Finnjoist I-joists or Kerto LVL.

Profiled and precisely dimensioned, Metsä Wood Spruce plywood is light weight roofing plywood, which makes working on roofs easier and the panels can be quickly converted into even and durable surfaces, for example as support plates under roofing. The dimensionally stable roofing plywood panels are easy to fit together and they can also be used as a safe working surface during the installation of the roofing. A smooth surface under the roofing also improves durability and makes the installation of roofing easier.

Spruce MouldGuard is a surface impregnated spruce panel reducing significantly the risk of mould growth.