Birch plywood for Delivery vans and Light trailers

Metsä Wood birch plywood products have excellent strength-to-weight ratio. One piece panels offer platform for stiff and light structures. New seamless L sizes go up to 2,020 × 4,110 mm and larger XL panels with load bearing scarf joints up to 6,000 x 2,200 mm.

Major advantages

  • Variety of surfaces and colours 

  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio 

  • Seamless L sizes up to 2,020 x 4,110 

  • XL sizes up to 6,000 x 2,000/2,200 

  • Tailor-made components 

  • High visual quality 

  • Easy to clean surfaces 

Plywood used for trailer flooring

Metsä Wood plywood components are tailored according to customer specifications, with sizes varying from cut-to-size components to XL-size elements. The plywood components enable light-weight structures with a long life span and save time in the assembly phase. Metsä Wood plywood products offer a choice of finishes from sanded wood surface to wide range overlay surfaces. The plywood components are easily maintained and have good fixing characteristics.