Plywood walls

Metsä Wood has plywood solutions for plywood walls; building a complete wall to wall structures to the sheeting material. Whether the development is residential housing, schools, sports stadiums, retail, commercial or warehousing - we are confident we can provide the right solution for all plywood walls. Metsä Wood Spruce plywood products are both certified and eco-efficient, fulfilling the strictest requirements set on wood based construction materials.

Spruce plywood wall panel for plywood walls

Metsä Wood Spruce plywood panels are versatile wall construction materials for plywood walls. They are suitable for both partition walls and load bearing shear walls. In addition to our standard spruce plywood, the variety of our spruce special products range offers solutions for plywood walls with good impact resistance, easy to clean surfaces and ready-to-use surfaces fromfire resistance to mould protection. All spruce plywood products are quick and easy to install and have a good fixing capacity for hangings.

Spruce Flex is a multi-use construction panel for plywood walls like ceilings, walls and shelters. Spruce FireResist is a perfect construction panel with fire resistant properties. MouldGuard has improved resistance to mould and blue stain in humid conditions.