Clever LVL panel connection method wins Open Source Wood challenge

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In August, Metsä Wood’s Open Source Wood, an open platform developed to connect people and innovation in the wood construction industry, announced a competition to find clever ways to connect large LVL panels. The winning idea – 1% Waste – was designed by Nazar Shklianka, an architect from Ukraine.

The panel connection challenge received good ideas that can be used in practice. The winner was selected by a group of experts from Metsä Wood. “The level of the designs we received exceeded our expectations,” says the head of the jury, Jussi Björman, Director of Technical Customer Service.

The winning design is a large I-beam structure based on using Kerto LVL (laminated veneer lumber) products. Two long panels are placed as the top and bottom chords. The wall panels are placed between the chords and act as a web. The panels are connected together using a thin strip of panel. The system is strong and very easy to scale. In addition, the amount of waste is minimal.

“This idea is simple, yet effective. It also offers the potential to adjust the size of the wall depending on the need,” says Björman. “I’m looking forward to seeing this solution used in actual projects. The idea can also be easily modified by replacing the connecting wood panel with steel plate or by using a half-lap connection.”

The winner, Nazar Shklianka, received a prize of EUR 5,000. “This challenge was a good opportunity to think about how to use wood material more efficiently, and also to speed up the construction process,” Shklianka says. “I think this competition was technical as well as creative. The name of the project – 1% Waste – highlights the important aim of using the material with as little waste as possible, while creating a strong structure.”

About Open Source Wood

Open Source Wood is a collaborative online platform for architects, engineers and designers to share innovative ideas for modular wood construction. Users can upload their projects and concepts to the platform for feedback and collaboration opportunities. Metsä Wood’s experts evaluate the submissions and give awards to the most innovative ideas, like 1% Waste.

See the winning design 1% Waste and explore Open Source Wood to see all the designs.


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