Kerto-Ripa floor elements

Column-free floor constructions with large spans are required in modern architecture. Prefabricated, glued rib and hollow box elements made of Kerto® LVL are ideal for this purpose. The Kerto-Ripa® floor elements manufactured in accordance with ETA achieve spans for floors up to 10 meters and length element up to 24 meters. They are particularly cost-effective with spans of between six and nine meters. With the structure designed for material efficiency, wood consumption can be significantly reduced - by up to 70% compared to the solid timber solution. Depending on the project requirements, rib or box elements are possible.


The rib element can be manufactured in two different ways: The ribs are either located on the top or under the element. The prefabrication depth is very variable: for example, the element can be insulated or filled with gravel for sound protection already in the factory. If this is made, it minimizes the total floor height compared to massive timber solutions.

Another benefit is that ventilation, electrical and other installations - with openings of up to 70% of the rib height - can be installed in the element. The design is also highly customisable: the elements can be left visible or covered with plasterboard, for example. In the elements, Kerto LVL S–beam is used as a rib in the element; Kerto LVL Q-panel is used as upper and / or lower panelling. The element manufacturer glue these together in the factory using screw or nail press gluing , thus bringing more added value to your company.  With the required glue approval, companies are also strategically positioning themselves for the future. For more information, you can fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

Benefits of using Kerto LVL in floor elements

  • Material efficiency and high performance for a resource-saving construction method
  • Adaptable to project requirements and customer preferences
  • The element manufacturer gains value
  • Low material tolerances and dimensional stability enable a high degree of automation in the element manufacturer process
  • Standardisation and process efficiency can be optimised
  • Future proof way of manufacturing floor elements
  • Gluing technology creates a unique selling point on the market


Kerto-Ripa Floor combined with other applications

The Top Slab connection offers a particularly easy-to-install solution, which is created by an extension of the  upper panel and a smart screw connection. The particular efficiency of kerto LVL  is not only evident in the floor elements, but also in lintel and rim beam Kerto applications.