The wall-floor-knot is one of the most complex details for designers and builders. Kerto® LVL lintel simplifies the connection of the floor to the wall and is a high performance building component that transfers loads above windows, doors or other openings. The core competences of Kerto LVL products help here especially. High embedment strength, thin cross-sections, settling safety allow details that speed up your production, enable more robust connections and provide highly efficient solutions, even for multistorey buildings.

The benefits of using Kerto LVL in lintel

  • More space for roller shutter box, other blinds or insulation 
  • Floor-to-Ceiling high windows
  • Lightweight parts speed up the production process
  • The standard principle offers many variants/versions depending on project´s requirements.
  • Fire safety standards can be met
  • An airtight layer on the warm side improves building physics. Connecting airtight layers on site is easier and less open to errors.
  • Reduced thermal bridge
  • Lintel as L-detail offers space for dealing with tolerances on site when installing floor elements
  • Any floor system can be installed (timber, hybrid, concrete)
  • Less cross timber/flat timber results in less settling
  • High load transfer in storey transition
  • Less timber per running meter

Lintel combined with other applications

Lintels work even better when combining Kerto GLVL Q upper and lower chords in timberframe systems.  Lintels are also a simple way to connect timberframe walls to hybrid floors or even concrete floors.