Sustainable brands

Metsä Tissue brand products are produced in Metsä Group's unique value chain from the forest to end product.

We follow our customers' perceptions and wishes closely by conducting market studies and keeping up with consumer trends. This allows us to innovate products which fulfill our customers' expectations of high quality, softness and sustainability. Our focus is on making sustainable choices easy and convenient for our consumers.

Katrin CO2 Calculator

When it comes to hand hygiene in the workplace, the lowest emission impact is often achieved by choosing high-quality paper hand towels, made from fresh wood fibre, which will dry hands more efficiently and thus reduce consumption and environmental impact.

The new Katrin calculator highlights the fossil CO2 emissions for the different Katrin paper solutions which enable our customers to make sustainable choices to reduce the fossil carbon footprint of hygiene in workplace washrooms.The numbers behind the calculator are based on a careful study and the CO2e calculation is calculated in co-operation with an external party.

Try the calculator here.

SAGA and OK Compost Home & Industrial

SAGA baking and cooking papers are designed for use in contact with all food types even in the most demanding conditions. After use, the papers can be disposed in composts or in biowaste. The products are certified according to OK Compost Industrial and OK Compost Home, which ensures that the material is biodegradable in both industrial and home composting facilities.