Building a “Future mill” in Mariestad

Our plans with the new, extended Katrinefors Bruk in Mariestad, Sweden has now been in the planning phase for a couple of years. The process has been, as it should, thorough leaving nothing out. There have been many perspectives to take into consideration and many working hours spent while doing so. But we have a clear vision and that is to establish a “Future mill” in Mariestad in terms of technology and operations. We are investing for a new era mill – bringing world class environmental performance in tissue production into real life at Katrinefors Bruk.
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Project Director

If we think of some examples of the environmental ambitions we have set for ourselves, perhaps one of the most important ones are the reduced noise levels around the mill, improved infrastructure with new traffic routes, reduced odour impacts and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The fact is that heavy traffic will disappear from Sandbäcksvägen. We are certain we will also reduce the background noise caused by the mill and by that improve the daily life as such. During the construction period the project will be noticeable though and this may naturally cause some concerns. Further development of new opportunities for local businesses, new jobs in and around Mariestad, will also be significant.

I am sure that some questions will arise among our neighbours and local residents are keen on understanding what impacts the extended mill has for the local surroundings and the area nearby the mill. We respect and we welcome them. We as a company value good and honest dialogue with our stakeholders which is something we encourage our residents to do in case they have some feedback for us.

Our Katrinefors mill has a long history and tradition rooted in Mariestad. It is located in the very heart of Mariestad and can be said, belongs to Mariestad. We will make sure to maintain the idyllic and peaceful environment despite having our industry so close to the centre of the city. We aim to give our neighbours and local stakeholders a good understanding of the project in all its stages. We will henceforth describe them more in detail on our website along the project.

We are happy to move forward with our plans to build a sustainable future, adding Sweden’s self-sufficiency in tissue papers and bringing more jobs to Mariestad.

We are more than eager to start our work – our journey towards better and more efficient production at Katrinefors Bruk – the Future mill.

More to come. Stay tuned.

Warm regards,
Esa Paavolainen,
Project Director

Project Director
Esa Paavolainen, VP Projects, has been leading a professional team of internal and external partners for the expansion and modernization of Mariestad Mill since March 2020.

Esa Paavolainen holds a Master of Science degree in Paper Conversion Technology from Tampere University of Technology.

Project timeline

  1. 9/2019

    Metsä Tissue plans to invest in increasing fresh fibre-based tissue paper production in Sweden

    In April 2019, Metsä Tissue published its new strategy, which includes the Future Mill programme. The programme aims to increase the long-term industrial efficiency and environmental performance of the tissue paper business. In line with its parent company’s goals, Metsä Tissue is also aiming for totally fossil-free mills by 2030. Improving the product quality and ensuring the availability of premium tissue paper are also part of the programme. 

    Read more.

  2. 5/2020

    Information event

  3. 5/2020

    Metsä Tissue has filed an environmental permit application for the Mariestad investment project with the Land and Environment Court

    Metsä Tissue, part of Metsä Group, has today, on 20 May 2020, filed an environmental permit application with the Land and Environment Court in Vänersborg (Mark- och miljödomstolen vid Vänersborg tingsrätt) concerning its plans to increase fresh fibre based tissue paper production at its Mariestad mill in Sweden. Read more from the press release.

  4. 1/2021

    Metsä Tissue and BHM Engineering sign an agreement concerning the engineering services for the Mariestad mill expansion

  5. 5/2021

    Information event

    On May 20th 2021 Metsä Tissue hosted a virtual public event to share the latest developments in its plans to expand the Mariestad mill in Sweden. An audience of approximately 200 participated in the event to hear Metsä Tissue AB’s Managing Director, Jani Sillanpää, Project Director Esa Paavolainen and Production Director Stefan Montarius present the latest developments in the project. Watch the recording here.