Småland mills

We have two mills in Småland: Pauliström mill and Nyboholm mill. They both are located between the municipalities of Vetlanda and Hultsfred, very near to each other.

Pauliström Mill was established in 1726 by W M Pauli, who also gave the mill its name. The mill has one paper machine and two converting lines. In Pauliström mill we produce mainly toilet tissue and household towels. We have approximately 105 employees in Pauliström.

Nyboholm Mill was established in 1900 by C-A Olsson, who also owned the Pauliström Mill at the time. The mill has two paper machines and two converting lines. In Nyboholm we mainly produce toilet tissue. We have approximately 65 employees in Nyboholm.

Key figures Pauliström

  • 1726



  • 186

    Personnel, Nyboholm & Pauliström

  • 28 000


    Annual production

  • 1

    Brands produced

Key figures Nyboholm

  • 1900



  • 186

    Personnel, Nyboholm & Pauliström

  • 28 000


    Annual production

  • 1

    Brands produced

Our brands

At our mills in Småland, Pauliström and Nyboholm, we mainly produce products for our brand Lambi. Additionally, we also produce tissue products for our customers’ own brands.

Mariestad, Pauliström and Nyboholm mill’s certificates

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001
  • Energy Management System ISO 50001
  • Management System for the Chain of Custody of Wood PEFC™
  • Management System for the Chain of Custody of Wood FSC®

We also have Nordic Ecolabel, also known as the Nordic Swan for all our tissue papers.

Read more about our certified management systems and see our certificates more detailed.

Did you know that...

  • a ton of paper is equivalent to about 14 trees.
  • a parent reel weighing about 3 000 kg takes 40 minutes to produce. It is enough for about 20 000 rolls of toilet paper. A lifetime need for a human is about 5 500 rolls.
  • each day we deliver abt 130 trucks filled with tissue products from our Swedish mills to Scandinavian grocery stores.
  • in our Swedish mills, we daily produce tissue paper which is enough twice around the earth.

Contact information

Metsä Tissue AB, Pauliström mill
S-577 99 Pauliström
Tel: +46 501 27 50 00
Pauliström mill on a map.

Metsä Tissue AB, Nyboholm mill

Visiting address
Metsä Tissue AB, Nyboholm Mill
S-574 55 Kvillsfors
Tel: +46 501 27 50 00

Post- and mailing address to Nyboholm Mill:
Metsä Tissue AB
S-577 99 Pauliström
Tel:+46 501 27 50 00
Nyboholm mill on a map.

History timeline for Småland mills

  1. 1726

    Pauliström mill founded

    Pauliströms iron mill, became later a tissue mill, grounded by Wilhelm Mauritz Pauli.

  2. 1900

    Nyboholm mill founded

    Nyboholm mill grounded by C-A Olsson in Kvillsfors.

  3. 1960


    Lambi brand (previously white lamb, Vita lamm in Swedish) was launched.

  4. 1962

    A new paper machine

    Paper Machine no. 6 was installed in Pauliström mill.

  5. 1999

    A new paper mill and converting line

    Paper Machine no. 5 and converting line installed in Nyboholm mill.

  6. 2018

    A new steam plant in Nyboholm

    New steam plant for biofuel and fiber sludge is installed in Nyboholm.

  7. 2020

    Better wastewater handling

    Biological treatment step for process wastewater was started in Pauliström’s mill.