Product safety

Ensuring the safety of pulp products requires dedication and an unswerving commitment to process management and superb quality.

The fresh fibre pulp produced by Metsä Fibre is pure and suitable for use in products that come into contact with food. Nothing that is hazardous to human health must be transferred to the food and contact with packaging materials must not change the taste, smell, or composition of food. Metsä Fibre’s pulp mills use the ISO 22000 food safety system.

We are constantly developing the indicators and methods that we use so that we can closely monitor the progress of the pulp process and react to any deviations immediately. All our mills have their own laboratories, and they take samples of pulp and analyse these several times a day. Basic measurements are taken four or five times every hour.

The pulp production process includes constant monitoring of factors such as brightness and waste content using the Pulp Expert online analysis tool. Process supervisors also perform visual checks to ensure quality, and an external service provider carries out microbial analyses.