We utilize the properties of northern wood

Metsä Fibre possess solid and long-standing know-how in the conversion of northern softwood. We know our raw material and the opportunities it offers inside out.
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The consistent quality and wide selection of Metsä Fibre’s sawn timber products, as well as its production volumes and efficient logistics solutions, ensure that we can provide our customers with reliable services in all situations. Metsä Fibre is part of Metsä Group, whose parent company Metsäliitto Cooperative is made up of roughly 90,000 forest owners. Thanks to our ownership structure, the availability of our raw material is guaranteed under all market conditions.

We possess solid and long-standing know-how in the conversion of northern softwood. We know our raw material and the opportunities it offers inside out. With the help of efficient manufacturing execution and modern technology, we make efficient use of our wood raw material, and the opportunities it offers, in close cooperation with our customers.

Spruce sawn timber

The spruce sawn timber produced by Metsä Fibre comes from the world’s best raw material. The properties of sound-knotted and dense-grained northern spruce are converted into sawn timber at our modern production units. Together with our extensive services, this sawn timber provides our customers with the greatest possible added value.

Well-managed Finnish forests are home to spruce of a consistent quality, allowing logs to be cut in the forest to lengths and dimensions that are optimal in terms of our customers and end products.

The quality of the spruce sawn timber we produce is consistent and, in terms of its appearance, light and even in colour. The strength properties of northern spruce sawn timber are of a high quality.

Thanks to its properties, spruce sawn timber is ideal for planing. The dense and straight-grained as well as visually pleasing spruce sawn timber is indeed used particularly as an exterior and interior cladding material as well as a raw material for the furniture industry.

Due to high content of heartwood, spruce keeps its shape well and is a durable option for façades. The surfaces of products made from spruce sawn timber are easy to treat in a number of different ways.

Spruce sawn timber is also used to a great degree in the woodworking industry, the production of glulam, laminated log production, and in packaging.

Pine sawn timber

Northern pine enables the production of first-rate sawn timber. The slowly grown dense-grained wood material is well-suited for a variety of end-uses.

A pine trunk can be divided into three parts: the high quality bottom log, the long knot spaced middle log, and the sound-knotted top log. We account for these natural qualities of the wood precisely as from the moment when the wood is harvested in the forest. The trunks are cut in a manner that is optimal from the perspective of our customers’ needs and the end products.

The pine’s butt-end has few knots and serves as raw material for heartwood and high-quality side boards with few knots. Pine’s densely grained heartwood is naturally rot-resistant, which guarantees the products’ long lifetime. The natural structure of pine also enables the products’ impregnation for various sites requiring weather and rot resistance.

New technological solutions allow us to sort and produce our pine sawn timber from the perspective of the properties desired by the customer in terms of annual rings and knot frequency as well as heartwood content or moisture content, as example. Relying on technology and our solid know-how, we make efficient use of the properties of northern wood by converting it into world-class end products.