Renewed Metsä Pulp Online is live now

Metsä Fibre’s new pulp customer portal, Metsä Pulp Online has been launched. The service replaces FibreOnline, which will be discontinued early April 2023.
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“With Metsä Pulp Online, our customers will be able to enjoy a faster, simpler platform to access all their pulp orders, documents, and information in one place,” says Ari Harmaala, SVP Sales & Marketing at Metsä Fibre. Information about product quality, schedules, and documents related to safety and sustainability can be found in the portal. “With this centralised approach you have any and all relevant information available 24/7.”

Customer care leads the way

Customer service is at the core of Metsä Pulp Online and the overall performance has been enhanced. General quality of life improvements mean a more functional user interface, increased speed, and ease of use. To ensure users get the most out of the portal, Metsä Fibre also provides comprehensive training in the service.

One reason that the service will so effectively meet the needs of Metsä Fibre’s customers is that it has been developed with them. “We’ve created Pulp Online based on feedback from our customers,” says Tari Väätäinen, Technical Customer Service Manager at Metsä Fibre. “The service structure has been redesigned and user-experience improved. And, importantly, the amount and quality of data that can be collected to monitor ordering and quality have been optimized.”

Monitor supply chains and sustainability

Tracking reports for land and sea transport include status delivery and time of arrival, making planning easy. And datasheets of product specifications, quality reports and more can be accessed and downloaded in various formats. Such services are especially useful for customers with long supply chains, where monitoring and tracking deliveries is essential to avoid unexpected delays.

“Providing consistently up-to-date and relevant information to our customers is one way that we help make their operations more efficient,” explains Harmaala. “This is especially true nowadays when companies are rightfully concerned about sustainability issues and want to prioritize them in their business.”

Sustainability certification reports are important in this respect. Customers can quickly see how much of their pulp wood is certified and download the details as needed, helping to monitor and meet their own environmental targets.

Continuous development and cooperation

In keeping with the philosophy of customer cooperation, the Metsä Pulp Online portal will continue to be improved based on feedback.
“It is important for us to continue to improve our offerings,” Väätäinen concludes, “and we’ve found one of the best ways to do this is working with our customers to identify and meet their service needs. Metsä Pulp Online is proof that we take their feedback seriously as a frontrunner in pulp industry solutions.”