Mill test runs underway in Kemi

Construction of the new bioproduct mill in Kemi is progressing on schedule. The installation, testing and test runs of mill technique are currently underway.
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  • 2023, Kemi bioproductmill

Construction of the Kemi bioproduct mill has reached its final stages, with a lot happening both inside and out.

The cooling elements of the water cooling towers were lifted into place in the early part of the year. The cooling towers are part of the mill’s closed-loop water flow. They minimise the need for water intake and transfer heat into the atmosphere instead of the sea.

The main electricity supply has also been deployed in the various departments.

Autonomous cranes feature unique technology

The technology of the autonomous cranes in the woodyard is unique in the world. The electrically powered cranes are now being tested. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine vision, they can independently unload logs, making the mill’s operations increasingly efficient.

The modern new operating office has also been completed. It houses the bioproduct mill’s control room and office facilities. Metsä Group’s own wood products were used extensively in the construction of the wooden office building.