Learn more about Rauma sawmill’s process

The pine sawmill in Rauma is a frontrunner in its field in terms of technology and efficiency. Automation is used throughout the production process, from log infeed to shipping logistics.
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Log sorting

The wood raw material used at Rauma sawmill comes from sustainably managed forests. It is 90 per cent certified pine. Close-grained pine is bright and has a consistent moisture content. It offers a high heartwood content, dense growth rings and regular knot frequency.

Machine vision, artificial intelligence and two X-ray devices are used to select the optimal end product for each log.


The Rauma sawline is 130 metres long and has a maximum sawing speed of 250 metres per minute. Sawing takes place in five stages. The four-blade DX pre-sawing method means faster sawing, and optimised curve sawing allows square-edged sawn timber to be sawn over the entire length of the log.

Kiln drying

Precise drying refines the quality of sawn timber. Rauma sawmill has nine continuous channel driers and 26 chamber kilns. After drying, the moisture content of each piece is measured. Camera sorting is used to ensure technical quality and dimensional accuracy.

Quality and logistics

Quality assurance uses machine vision, artificial intelligence and integrated computer systems.

In the packing unit, automation handles the binding of sawn timber packages, providing them with consistent protection. The ready packages are automatically moved from the packing line to specially designed trucks. There is no need for forklifts.

Every year, 750,000 cubic metres of pine sawn timber are shipped to customers from Rauma sawmill.