We manufacture the most responsible pulp in the world

Metsä Fibre uses the most advanced pulp manufacturing technology in the world. We always guarantee the quality and safety of our products.
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  • Pulp, Sustainability, 2021

Pulp is a clean, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable raw material.

In addition, the pulp manufacturing technology we use at Metsä Fibre is the most advanced in the world. It saves water, energy, raw materials and the environment.

We always guarantee the safety and quality of our products. Metsä Fibre is the global leader in market softwood pulp.

We know the precise origin of the timber we use. Our raw material comes from forests that are responsibly managed by our 100,00 owners.

Our goal is that every single pulp bale exceeds the customer’s expectations. We seek to manufacture the most responsible pulp in the world.

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