The most modern sawmill in the world is being built in Rauma

Metsä Fibre is building a new sawmill in Rauma. The sawmill will start operating in 2022 and it starts a new era in the sawn timber industry.
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  • Rauma sawmill, 2021

In 2022 a new era in the sawn timber industry will begin in Rauma. The new sawmill in Rauma is the most modern sawmill in the world that runs uninterruptedly 24/7. Its capacity is excellent.

The sawmill in Rauma uses modern production technology such as machine vision, smart control and artificial intelligence solutions at all stages of the sawing process. Machine vision is used to ensure the quality of final products and the efficiency of the production process. The process provides customers with precise information on quality.

Sawline speed is more than 200 meters per minute, which is around three times more than ordinary sawmills achieve.

The new mill produces uniform, first-class quality for demanding projects. It produces 750 000 cubic metres of sawn timber per year. High-quality pine logs are used as the raw material.

Transfer of drying loads and loading sawn timber has been automatized. Logistics to port and onto ships is efficient.

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