The first buildings go up on the bioproduct mill site

​The pulp fibre line building, turbine building and bleached pulp storage towers are now clearly distinguishable. The arrival of the first special transports was a major milestone at the end of the year. In early 2022, the site will move increasingly from construction to installation.
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​Metsä Fibre’s Kemi bioproduct mill project has progressed as planned and on schedule, and the first buildings are now going up on the site.

The first large special transports have also arrived at the mill. The cargo was transported on barges from the port of Ajos to the inland port in the centre of Kemi. From there it continued by road through the city.

Nine large components were transported to the site. The longest transport unit was 35 metres and the widest 14 metres long. The heaviest component weighed 275 tonnes.

The special transports were in the planning phase for two years, and their implementation required the cooperation of many different parties. The next special transports will be carried out in spring 2022.

Large projects underway outside the mill area

Project-related work aimed at securing the mill’s safe and efficient logistics is also taking place outside the bioproduct mill area.

The bioproduct mill’s logistics route on Sahansaarenkatu will be completed in cooperation with other operators. As part of the whole, Metsä Fibre is building a 4.5-kilometre private track.

A new 110 kV power line for supplying electricity from the bioproduct mill to the national grid is also under construction.

At its busiest, the bioproduct mill construction site had some thousand people working at the same time during the fourth quarter.

In early 2022, the bioproduct mill will move increasingly from construction to installation.

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