Safety involves everyone at the Rauma sawmill construction site

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  • Rauma sawmill, 2021

​Proactive safety work ensures a safe work environment at the Rauma sawmill construction site. All employees must complete an induction programme before they can begin working on site, explains Eero Simula, Safety Manager for the sawmill project. In addition, each employee conducts a pre-assessment of the risks related to their work.

The goal is to eliminate or minimise any safety risks before work begins. Safety is monitored continuously.

“We actively conduct on-site walks and make a record in our system of any safety observations that call for corrective measures,” Simula says.

06-Rauma-building-construction-June.jpgThe debarking department is under construction

Construction work on the Rauma sawmill has progressed on schedule, and the buildings will be completed by the end of September.

“In the buildings for handling fresh and dried sawn timber, the roof and wall structures are now in place, the floors are in the finishing stage, and HVAC and electrical work is underway,” says Harri Haapaniemi, Project Director.

The wall elements for the sawline have been installed, and foundations are being laid for the machines. Floor casting is now complete, and the installation of the roof is about to begin.

The debarking department is under construction, and the first debarker is being installed. System specification has been completed, and the construction and testing of systems have begun.

The manufacture of machines and equipment, as well as delivery supervision, is progressing as planned, and installations will begin in August across the sawmill area.

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