Rauma sawmill buildings to be completed in October

​Work at the Rauma sawmill is progressing as planned. The buildings will be completed in October.
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These are busy times at the Rauma sawmill site: construction is progressing speedily and testing of the production control and control room systems is underway. The installation of machinery and equipment is advancing at full speed in all departments.

Sawmill machines are being installed, and HVAC work is underway in the building for handling green and dried sawn timber. Seven channel kilns and seven dual chamber kilns have been installed in the kiln drying department.

The buildings will be completed in October. The project will continue to the end of the year with the final HVAC work.

As construction has progressed, the number of workers has increased. Some 300 people are currently working on the construction site, compared to 170 before the beginning of September.

Seamless cooperation and solid expertise have kept the project on schedule.

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