Rauma sawmill buildings completed

​Construction work on the site has advanced in line with the master schedule. The sawmill buildings were completed in November.
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  • 2021, Sawn timber, Rauma sawmill

​The final HVAC work and installation of equipment and machinery are under way on the sawmill construction site in Rauma.

The buildings for the sawline and the sorting lines of green and dried sawn timber have been completed. Line machinery and equipment are currently being installed. Equipment for green sorting will be installed on the green sorting line as well as the sticking and stacking line.

Construction of the sawmill infeed and debarking department is nearing completion. The first debarking machine is in place. The installation of other equipment is continuing.

The log-sorting building will be completed by the end of the year.

Mechanical installations for packaging and outbound logistics are well advanced and electrical work is continuing. In by-product processing, the installation of equipment is proceeding throughout the area and in the screening plant.

Construction of the production control and control room systems has been completed and the work has reached the testing phase. The first phase will examine the internal operation of the system minus process equipment. The second phase will test system functionality with process equipment.

The first training group for operators of Rauma sawmill will be transferred to the construction site in January 2022.

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