Long career with pulp

​Jukka Kiuru works as a project manager for the Kemi bioproduct mill project. He first joined Metsä Fibre in 1999.
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What is your job like?

The mill’s construction is a multi-year project, aiming for a perfectly functioning pulp mill. It begins with planning and progresses through the procurement phase to construction and, ultimately, commissioning. When the mill is handed over to its users, the project team’s work is done.

When the new potential mill in is in its planning and procurement phase, my days include a lot of meetings and planning. During the construction phase, my duties include coordinating the progress in my own area of responsibility.

Project work is scheduled, and we are certain to encounter some surprises. The work requires commitment as well as an ability to cope with pressure and to prioritise. In my experience, people seeking project work usually live up to its exacting requirements.

What is the best thing about your work?

The fact that each day is different and the job is challenging. The work is largely comprised of planning different things and phases, and eventually all those pieces fit together. This job provides opportunities to solve problems and each challenge takes us a step forwards.

It is incredibly rewarding to look at a finished mill that is about to start up, when you know how much work has been put in to it.

But still, it is the people who are the best of all. For example, in Kemi we have a great working atmosphere, an open discussion culture and a dynamic way of working. Our goal is always to create a working environment that is pleasant for everyone.

What have you learnt in your work?

I came to the business straight from school, back in the day, and knew nothing. Now I know how to make pulp and pulp mills!

I have worked in a number of large-scale mill projects, and I know mistakes are also bound to happen. Luckily, you can learn from them.

The best thing of all is that I am still on a learning curve. I learn something new about technology and about working with people every day, and in every project. I can look back on – and forward to – what I believe is a genuinely rewarding and good career.

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