Our products are made from Nordic wood

​The growth conditions of Nordic forests give special properties to pulp and sawn timber.
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​Softwood pulp is both strong and flexible. It is an excellent raw material for packaging boards, hygiene products and various paper products. Nordic sawn timber is durable and attractive. Our sawn timber is used in furnishings, interior and exterior cladding and construction.

Our experts help customers enhance their production and maintain a high level of product quality. We also help our customers reduce their carbon footprint.

New bioproducts without fossil fuels

Our new bioproduct mills produce pulp and bioproducts without fossil fuels. We are producing more and more sawn timber, a material that sequesters carbon throughout its life-cycle. We are developing new bioproducts that replace fossil-based substances. We are also a major producer of bioenergy.

We are building a fossil-free future and creating sustainable growth from renewable wood.

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