Metsä Wood Spruce FireResist

Metsä Wood Spruce FireResist
Metsä Wood Spruce FireResist

High quality plywood treated against fire for interior applications

Metsä Wood Spruce FireResist is a high-quality surface impregnated panel for indoor applications where enhanced fire performance is required. The European reaction to fire classification of the product is B (EN 13501-1). Suitable applications for the fire-treated plywood are interior applications in service class 1 (EN 1995-1-1), and it must be protected from weather exposure.

  • Indoor applications with fire performance requirements

  • Wall, roof and floor structures

  • Load-bearing and stiffening structures
  • Enhanced fire performance

  • Reaction to fire classification B-s1, d0; Bfl-s1

  • Does not contain heavy metals, boron or halogenated compounds

  • Easy to machine and install using conventional woodworking tools and fasteners