Metsä Wood DURAForm® formwork panels with top-quality composite surface for concrete elements

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To achieve a top-quality sophisticated result in concrete construction, the planning and quality of formwork systems play a decisive role. This is because they give the cast concrete its structure. Metsä Wood has now expanded its range of formwork panels with a cost-efficient and durable alternative called Metsä Wood DURAForm: The composite surfaced birch plywood panels are maintenance-free and can be used up to 200 times. They yield particularly smooth surfaces while complying with the concept of a closed-loop economy.

Formwork systems are indispensable when it comes to concreting walls. Formwork systems give the cast concrete its form, allowing for quick and economical implementation of a project. The new Metsä Wood DURAForm formwork panel line features high stability and reduced deformation, despite its reduced weight. The long-lasting maintenance-free birch plywood panels are very easy to work with and provide an especially smooth concrete finish thanks to their special surface.

Versatile application possibilities
The quality and processing of the formwork panels used is a decisive factor for reliable and attractive results. Produced from high-strength birch plywood, the material offers minimal deflection, even with wide spans. Despite its low weight, Metsä Wood DURAForm demonstrates especially high strength. Thanks to the special design and structure, the panels allow for considerably leaner and resource-saving formwork structures and easy handling on-site.

Long-lasting means sustainable
Concrete formwork is heavily stressed during use at construction sites. In this context, the hard scratch-resistant composite surface of the Metsä Wood DURAForm elements makes cleaning and later reuse of the panels easy. The improved crack resistance and reduced chipping, even when fastening using nails, contribute to a consistently high surface quality. Since they can be reused up to 200 times, the Metsä Wood DURAForm panels have proven to be particularly resource-friendly beyond their life cycle in line with the principles of a sustainable circular economy.

“Selecting the right formwork panels is often one of the greatest difficulties you encounter when producing a concrete surface, especially when a top-quality smooth finish is a goal, the top-quality Metsä Wood DURAForm panels are super easy to process and later reuse. Even if nails are used for fastening, the panel surfaces can be easily restored to their original condition,” says Marc Juste, Managing Director at Müller Holzgroßhandel GmbH.

Yet the latest addition to the high-performance formwork panel product line from Metsä Wood makes an impression not only with its degree of sustainability, but also with its high cost-effectiveness. Metsä Wood DURAForm thus provides system formwork manufacturers, formwork system rental companies and users a recognisable cost advantage compared to other formwork panel materials and guarantees smooth concrete surfaces in a wide range of applications in an affordable manner not only in prestigious architectural projects.

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