New country-specific Kerto® LVL span tables for load-bearing wall structures now ready

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The new span tables are drawn up for the pre-dimensioning of large panel-based walls, floors, and roofs. The structural solutions are based on Kerto LVL Q-panels. In turn, the previously published span tables are suitable for the design of beam and frame structures. The span tables will be launched gradually starting from May. Charts for load-bearing wall structures was launched first.

“The span tables for Kerto LVL products offer simple and fast tools to support the work of designers, engineers and builders. They help in optimizing the structures, making the actual construction work more efficient. There is a high demand for solutions like this, which help in planning and designing the work,” says Janne Heikkilä, Technical Customer Service Manager.

The construction practices and planning guidelines of individual countries have been taken into account in the span tables. Span tables are currently available for the specific construction methods and design guidelines of 16 countries, for example Finland, the UK, Sweden, Germany and France.

Tables are available on Metsä Wood’s web-sites

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Janne Heikkilä, Technical Customer Service Manager, Metsä Wood
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