Four new wooden apartment buildings constructed with Kerto LVL elements in Turku, Finland

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  Four wooden, multi-storey apartment buildings with Kerto LVL (laminated veneer lumber) elements are being built in the Linnanfältti area in Turku, Finland, and the third of them is under construction now. Linnanfältti is a modern, wooden residential area in the centre of Turku, close to Turku Castle and the Port of Turku. The area is one of the largest wooden apartment building construction projects in Finland. Some 1,500 people will have homes there.   

The construction of the third apartment building with Kerto LVL elements has progressed well. The fourth floor is ready, and the construction of the roof has started. Kerto LVL makes construction fast, light and green. First, exterior and interior wall elements were installed on the concrete foundation, and now the floors are being built with exterior and interior wall and intermediate floor elements. The apartment building will have four storeys.  

The elements are built at the VVR Wood factory from Kerto LVL provided by Metsä Wood. Kerto LVL T-studs, S-beams and Q-panels are used in the wall elements, with Kerto LVL S-beams and Q-panels in the floor elements. 

More wooden apartment buildings in Linnanfältti 

This wooden, multi-storey apartment building will be ready in spring 2021. It is the third building of a four-building block. The first two buildings are almost ready, and the residents will move in in July. Construction of the last one will start after the third is ready. The construction project in the Linnanfältti area is a partnership between VVR, NCC and Kruunuasunnot.  

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