New European LVL Handbook published

New European LVL handbook is the first comprehensive summary of the properties and end uses of LVL products. It has been compiled and published by the woodworking industry. The handbook is an extensive source of information for designers, engineers and builders.
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Laminated Veneer Lumber’s (LVL) glued veneer structure makes it an efficient material for construction. The product is used for beams, plates, studs, panels and elements: from new buildings to renovations and further industrial applications.

”LVL is one of core materials for load-bearing wood constructions. However, this far there has not been joint technical guidance for the application of LVL. This handbook fills in this gap, says CEO Matti Mikkola from the Federation of the Finnish Woodworking Industries, organization that is responsible for publishing the handbook. The companies Metsä Wood,  Stora Enso Wood Products and Raute Oyj have been contributing from the industry side.

“We all wanted together give a solid base for responsible and sustainable wood construction. The handbook provides all necessary facts and also enables LVL’s comparability with other building materials. It also clarifies the design of wood-based buildings,” say Henrik Söderström, SVP, Supply Chain Management, Metsä Wood and Janne Pynnönen, Head of LVL Business Line, Stora Enso Wood Products.

The LVL handbook was published on September 26, 2019, in connection to the Forum Wood Building Nordic conference in Helsinki. You can download the LVL handbook as pdf.

Earlier this week, the Federation of the Finnish Woodworking Industries and the German Studiengemeinschaft Holzleimbau published on behalf of the LVL producers a joint technical bulletin that specifies the strength classes, tolerances and additional design provisions for LVL. The calculations in the LVL Handbook are based on this bulletin.

The Technical bulletin is available on website  

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