Industrial durability for the needs of transport and construction

Along with the inauguration of the new birch plywood mill in Pärnu, Estonia, Metsä Wood has published a new image series called “Industrial Durability”. The images visualise the value of birch plywood in the urban end-use context.
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The growth of urbanization and e-commerce are driving demand for birch plywood. Construction is increasing mainly in cities, and the industry needs durable and light plywood for concrete formwork. E-commerce is increasing the number of delivery vans transporting goods in urban areas. The floors and walls of these vans are made of large plywood panels. Also, the manufacturers of heavier tracks and trains need a reliable supply of tailor-made birch plywood.

Metsä Wood’s new birch plywood mill has been inaugurated today. Once in full production, the mill will produce 50,000 cubic metres of high-quality birch plywood per year. The speciality of the new Pärnu mill is the variety of large panels it produces.

In light vehicles, such as delivery vans, a single floor panel made of continuous veneers results in a thinner, yet more durable floor than using a combination of two pieces. For heavier trucks and trains, Metsä Wood offers products tailored for any need and in any industrial quantity called for.

In concrete formwork, birch plywood helps the industry to achieve efficiency, saving time and money. Overlays designed especially for concrete formwork provide the smoothest end result, as well as being durable and easy to clean. The panels can be used multiple times, which is financially significant for the industry.

The new “Industrial Durability” image series describes the value of birch plywood in the urban context. The photos were taken by award-winning Finnish photographer Kimmo Syväri. “The challenge was to visualise the benefits of birch plywood in a city by using only Metsä Wood plywood products as they are,” says Syväri. “The material is visually interesting, and the end result is a colourful celebration of industrial materials.”

Metsä Wood’s birch plywood is made from sustainable Nordic wood. It has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making it an economical raw material for even the most demanding end uses. The veneers used at the Pärnu mill are produced in Äänekoski, Finland.

Watch the Industrial durability video, and explore our birch plywood products.


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