First birch plywood products from Pärnu test production have been delivered to customers

Test runs are underway at Metsä Wood’s birch plywood mill in Pärnu, Estonia. First plywood products are produced and test deliveries to customers have started. At the Äänekoski veneer mill the capacity utilisation rate will be increased in stages.
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The veneers used for birch plywood production in Pärnu mill will be produced in Äänekoski Finland. New production units form a mill entity, and both parts work seamlessly together. Quantity and quality targets for Äänekoski veneer production are set in Pärnu mill.

The production has been started in Äänekoski veneer mill

The veneer mill’s facilities include a log-soaking and sorting, a debarking, a peeling and cutting line, drying and packaging line. Currently, lines are tested around three times per week.

“The first veneers were delivered from Äänekoski to Estonia in February. Now veneers are delivered weekly. In Pärnu, lines are already tested with veneers from new Äänekoski mill,” says Kristiina Kellokoski, Project Engineer from Metsä Wood.

The veneer mill employees nearly 20 people, most of whom transferred to Äänekoski from Metsä Wood’s plywood mill in Suolahti.

First plywood sheet was produced 11.4.2018 in Pärnu.

First birch plywood products have been delivered to customers

The installation of equipment is progressing at full speed at the Pärnu mill, and about half of the lines have been commissioned to Metsä Wood. First birch plywood products from test production were delivered to customers in Finland and Austria in the end of April.

“Plywood mill’s capacity test runs are made during May. Altogether Pärnu mill will have 16 new lines and last handover runs continues until autumn. The transfer of the equipment from the Suolahti upgrading unit will start at the end of the year,” says Kellokoski.

Pärnu mill’s office and cafeteria have been completed and white-collar team, including 9 people, have been moved from office barracks to new building. Air condition system and the installation of sprinklers are still underway.

“We have now 65 employees in production. A group of 11 people will start  in June. Induction for new employees includes a theory training period followed by practical training at the mill. In addition, we have a team of experts from Metsä Wood’s mills in Finland ensuring the ramp-up of lines and good working culture,” says Kaarel Tali, Mill Director in Pärnu.

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