Economically driven industrial production is revolutionising construction

Metsä Wood’s customer Lehto Group is a Finnish company specialising in economically driven construction. It aims to replace traditional on-site construction with industrial production, which is more cost-effective and ensures higher quality. Homes will increasingly be built in factories, where it is easier to control the quality and costs of production.
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Traditionally the construction projects are implemented on-site, regardless of the conditions and amount of natural light. According to Hannu Lehto, CEO of Lehto Group, this leads to inefficiency: “We want to make processes more efficient and reduce interruptions, so we can offer a little more to the customer for the same money.”

Metsä Wood also sees the transition to industrial prefabrication in construction as an important step. “Industrial prefabrication and scalable concepts lead the way for new ways of doing things better in the construction industry, which is lagging significantly behind other sectors in productivity development,” says Virva Juhola, SVP Sales at Metsä Wood.

Kerto LVL contributes to the development of industrial production

The industrial production for construction is based on the principles of modularity. In their modules and elements Lehto Group uses Metsä Wood’s products together with concrete and steel to support their philosophy of efficient construction methods. Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) for example in load-bearing structures, intermediate floor structures and roof structures. Kerto LVL has many strengths as a building material.

“Like its value promise says, Kerto LVL is fast, light and green. It’s a strong but light material, and its use supports our economically driven construction method,” says Lehto.

To learn more about the Lehto Group’s philosophy read the full article and watch the Talking Wood video with Lehto Group’s CEO Hannu Lehto.


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