Metsä Wood expands the Kerto® LVL product range

New L-panels offer faster, lighter, greener construction Metsä Wood is launching the innovative L-panel as part of the LVL product range. L-panel is suitable for a wide variety of applications, from wall and ceiling panels, to door blanks and window frames. It is easily customized and further expands the possibilities of Metsä Wood’s element partners to build competitive wooden structures.
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Designed with light and non-load-bearing applications in mind, Metsä Wood’s new L-panels are up to 10 per cent lighter than the rest of the Kerto® LVL products, while still delivering exceptional dimensional stability. L-panel has great insulating properties, with an improved thermal conductivity value up to 10 per cent better than that of standard Kerto® LVL.

Customized and competitive construction solutions

Kerto® LVL L-panels can be cut to custom dimensions, minimising waste and material costs. Featuring good bending strength, stiffness and a high strength-to-weight ratio, L-panel is suitable for a wide variety of applications, from wall and ceiling panels to door blanks and window frames.

“Building with Kerto® LVL is fast, light and green,” says Henrik Söderström, SVP, Sales at Metsä Wood. “The lightness of the L-panel enables innovative ways to build.”

Read more about Kerto® LVL L-panel.

Metsä Wood introduced Open Source Wood Initiative.

Metsä Wood is calling on all architects and engineers to share their innovations in wood construction. The objective is to share knowledge about prefabricated elements and grow the use of wood in construction. Metsä is now sharing its own innovations and offering EUR 30,000 in prize money during 2017 to exceptional designs. Read more at

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Metsä Wood provides competitive and environmentally friendly wood products for construction, industrial customers and distributor partners. We manufacture products from northern wood, a sustainable raw material of premium quality. Our sales in 2016 were EUR 0.5 billion, and we employ about 1,500 people. Metsä Wood is part of Metsä Group.

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