Studs for external wall elements

Timber frame construction stands as one of the most versatile systems within timber construction. The external walls utilised in timber frame constructions are finely tuned with Kerto® LVL studs, offering a highly optimised solution. These studs facilitate greater wall thickness effortlessly, as they are available in widths of e.g. 200, 300, 400 millimetres or more.

This feature simplifies the creation of energy efficient wall components with enhanced insulation using laminated veneer lumber. On the other hand, the material efficient and dimensionally stable Kerto LVL allows for reducing the stud thickness to 36 millimetres, for instance, resulting in lower material usage per square metre of wall. This is beneficial from both sustainability and economic perspectives.

Kerto LVL is delivered with precise measurements and low moisture content. Its exceptional dimensional stability proves advantageous in processing, particularly in automated processes. Furthermore, the strength, rigidity and minimal shrinkage of Kerto LVL ensure optimised wall surface quality, minimising the risk of surface cracking. Kerto LVL S-beam is suitable for load-bearing exterior walls, while the cost-effective solution for non-load-bearing or lightly stressed walls is Kerto LVL T-stud. All Kerto LVL products offer easy processing with conventional woodworking tools and are easy to handle due to their low weight.

Benefits of using Kerto LVL in the stud frame of wall elements

    • Wide Kerto LVL S and Kerto LVL T (e.g. in 36x300) make it easy to build thick and energy efficient wall elements.
    • Compared to other wood materials, thinner Kerto LVL studs ensure lower wood consumption per square metre of wall and minimise thermal bridges.
    • Customised product dimensions with precise measurements.
    • No warping or twisting.
    • Simple processing with normal tools.
    • Made from sustainable Nordic wood, PEFC-certified (PEFC/02-31-03).

Additionally, Kerto LVL proves to be an excellent choice for use as a lintel, offering superior load-bearing capacity that is particulary beneficial in multi-storey construction.