Zero waste to landfill

We are aiming to have zero waste to landfill, and we are already repurposing or recycling nearly all of our side streams.


Target 2030: Zero waste to landfill


  2023 2022 2021 2020 2019
Zero waste to landfill kt 0.13 0,6 7,9 10,1 10,7

Sustainability cases

In 2022 we made remarkable improvement as our waste to landfill decreased over 90% from 2021. Due to good development now also our Kreuzau mill is using 100% of its side streams as it started collaboration with cement industry to utilize ash from energy production. Also our Krapkowice and Zilina mills decreased the amount of waste to landfill by increasing fresh fiber use and increasing utilization of pulper reject from de-inking for heat generation.

"The unique value chain of Metsä with the use of side stream products for the fresh fibre production together with the bioproduct mill investments sets new standards in lower emission fresh fibre pulp production. The new bioproduct mills enable a further reduction of the carbon footprint of fresh fibre tissue products and a safe supply of raw material from north of Europe. Together with Metsä Tissues investment in the newest tissue future mills are the fresh fibre tissue products becoming more and more sustainable."

Dr. Alexander Deutschle, Vice President Innovations