Sustainable tissue paper - one sheet at a time

Many consumers are seeking a more sustainable lifestyle for the benefit of the environment, climate and humanity. At Metsä Tissue, we want to help consumers achieve this goal. Even small, everyday actions matter, and the choice of a tissue paper product can itself be one step towards a more sustainable future.

The main raw material in Metsä Tissue’s products is wood fibre of known origin from sustainably managed Northern forests. The growth of a forest binds carbon for a long time, both in the trees growing in the forest and the wood products ultimately made from them, including sawn timber. All wood recovered during forestry is therefore used for the benefit of the bioeconomy, meaning that the wood replaces fossil-based energy sources or products.

Toilet paper is made from both fresh fibres, or pulp, and recycled fibres. The wood raw material which pulp is made of, comes from sustainably grown and managed forests. The production of tissue paper from fresh fibre is therefore part of the resource-efficient use of wood. When fresh fibre is used to produce tissue paper, water and energy consumption is lower, and less waste is generated than when recycled fibres are used.

Fresh fibre is an excellent raw material for tissue paper. Tissue papers made from pure fresh fibre have first-class properties. They are safe, hygienic and gently soft.

To produce the Sustainable tissue paper - one sheet at a time brochure we met experts from both the forest industry and the scientific community to review the properties of fresh fibre from the perspectives of raw materials, wellbeing, hygiene and recycling. The experts explain why the discussions around sustainability are currently topical, and the significance and impact our daily choices can have..

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