Serla recognized as the most sustainable brand in the hygiene and cleaning category and Lambi as number three, according to the Sustainable Brand Index 2024 in Finland

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PRESS RELEASE 25.03.2024 AT 10:50

The Sustainable Brand Index™ is the largest independent brand survey in Europe, which annually measures consumer perceptions of brand sustainability across countries and industries. This year's survey in Finland covered 27 industries and 243 brands. 12,000 Finnish consumers in different age groups responded to the survey. According to Finnish consumers, Serla was among the top ten most sustainable brands in the survey and the most sustainable brand in its category, hygiene and cleaning. Metsä Tissue's other tissue paper brand, Lambi, came 27th and third in its category.

"We are happy that the long-term sustainability work behind our brands at Metsä Group is also reflected in the consumer experience, and we are proud to be able to produce high-quality tissue paper from renewable raw materials from the North." says Katariina Kukkonen, Marketing Director for Nordic Consumer Products in Metsä Group's tissue paper business. "Our Swan and Key Flag labelled Serla and Lambi products are manufactured close to the raw materials and our consumers. In this way, we avoid unnecessary transport and the resulting emissions. Our local production in Mänttä also supports the local economy and employment. We are doing long-term work and we measure the results of this work also in relation to Metsä Group's numerous other sustainability objectives," Kukkonen continues.

Metsä Tissue will continue its development work in the future. "In our sustainability work, we take into account aspects related to the environment, social responsibility and governance. For example, as part of our 'We can't afford it' domesticity campaign last year, Lambi and Serla recently donated more than 130 000 € to support mental health work for young people," Kukkonen says.

"In addition, we are planning an extensive investment programme for our Mänttä tissue paper mill. The programme aims to improve the mill's production and environmental efficiency, as well as its energy and water efficiency. In this way, we will ensure local production of sustainable high-quality tissue paper in Mänttä also in the future." Kukkonen says.

More information on the study:
The Sustainable Brand Index is Europe's largest independent brand survey on sustainability, and is conducted in eight countries across Europe. A total of 80,000 consumers were interviewed for the survey, covering almost 1,600 different brands.

In Finland, the survey has been conducted since 2013 and this year 12,000 consumers were interviewed across 228 brands.

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Katariina Kukkonen, Marketing Director, Consumer Nordics, Metsä Tissue, tel. +358 40 8488474, katariina.kukkonen[@], or Joanna Linnermo, Communications Director, Metsä Tissue, tel. +358 40 5555868, joanna.linnermo[@]

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