Increased capacity in Finland for locally produced Lambi Home Towel household towel sheets

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PRESS RELEASE 27.03.2024 AT 10.50

Lambi Home Towel household towels in sheet format are a practical everyday tool for making cleanliness even more convenient. One Lambi Home Towel package holds the same amount of paper as two rolls of kitchen paper in a compact space. An investment in a new packaging line at Metsä Group's Mänttä tissue paper mill, which was commissioned in late 2023 to improve the efficiency of the hand towel line, has enabled an increase in the capacity for the production of Lambi Home Towel sheets.

Household towel sheets make everyday life easier, bringing even more convenience to paper towel use. Compact packaging requires less storage space and less space for transport and means also that less air is transported and fewer shipments are needed, which saves the environment. The new packaging line investment at the Mänttä mill also enabled a 20% reduction in the use of plastic in Home Towel transport packaging and pallets.

In addition to transport efficiency, the Lambi Home Towel sheets are particularly convenient for versatile use: it is easy to take a sheet out of the packaging with one hand, for example when cooking, cleaning or putting on make-up. A beautiful, transparent paper holder is available in shops for the sheets, which can be used to display the product in a stylish way in different rooms of the home, such as the kitchen or on the make-up table. The design of the Lambi Home Towel package is inspired by northern nature, which is also the source of Lambi's pure raw material. The sheets can also be used from the packaging without a separate dispenser. 

The investment in a new packaging line to improve the efficiency of the Mänttä hand towel line will provide needed additional capacity for the production of paper towel sheets and hand towels  and enable wider availability of the products. The sheet  towel category appeals to consumers in particular because of its convenience , but also because of its packaging size, which is suitable also for smaller households and usable in different  spaces in the home. Lambi paper is made in Mänttä from 100% fresh fibre from sustainably managed northern forests.

Lambi Home Towel sheets are available in Finland and the Baltic countries as well as in Scandinavia.

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Jarkko Lindroos, VP, Production, Metsä Group’s Mänttä tissue paper mill, jarkko.lindroos[@]

Katariina Kukkonen, Marketing Director, Consumer Nordics, Metsä Tissue, katariina.kukkonen[@]

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