Lambi introduces new easy-to-use Home Towel household sheets

Lambi, a brand of Metsä Tissue, launches the new, easy-to-use Home Towel household sheets to ease the life of those who value functionality, high quality and design. One Lambi Home Towel package has the same amount of paper as two and a half regular household kitchen rolls. The conveniently folded, individual sheets can be used with a single hand. One sheet at a time.
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Household sheets are a great helper in the everyday life and they bring the convenience of household paper to the next level. Thanks to the compact form of the product, it requires less storage space and most importantly, it is transported very compactly, which lessens the transportation need and therefore its impact on the environment.

The new Lambi Home Towel household sheets are easy-to-use and are suitable for any room or use in your home. The flexible functionality of the product makes it handy to have around the house, be it for cleaning, use in the kitchen or for hygienic drying of hands in the bathroom or as a guest towel,” says Susanna Varsanpää, Marketing Director, Consumer Nordics.

The design of the package is inspired by Nordic nature, which is also where Lambi comes from. The sheet paper category is growing fast and we believe that it will continue to grow as more and more consumers are looking for easy, practical, and hygienic solutions for everyday use in their homes. The Lambi paper is made 100 % of fresh wood fibres that come from sustainably managed Northern forests.

“The ongoing pandemic has established and increased hygiene awareness and relevance in consumers’ minds. We see that at-home hygiene-related products can give consumers good tools for the everyday,” Varsanpää concludes.

Lambi Home Towel household sheets are available in stores in Finland and the Baltics, and in Scandinavia from September onwards.

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Further information: Susanna Varsanpää, Marketing Director, Consumer Nordics, Metsä Tissue, tel. +358 40 720 5929 and Joanna Linnermo-Kumpuoja, Communications Manager, Metsä Tissue, tel. +358 40 555 5868 or joanna.linnermo-kumpuoja[at]

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