Serla promotes reading

Metsä Tissue’s Serla brand is helping families in Finland, Sweden and Norway discover the joy of reading with a collect-and-get campaign offering books in exchange for squirrel labels from Serla product packages.
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 “We chose this theme to support busy families. We want Serla products to make their daily lives a little bit easier by leaving more time for reading together,” says Mia Ropponen, Brand Director. “Naturally, we also want to encourage children to read and discover the fascinating world of books and fantasy.”

Running through to the end of April, the campaign will be visible both in magazines and online from January to March. The prizes include a variety of books both for children and adults, but the selection varies from country to country.

In future Serla will be using a handy new tool in its collect-and-get campaigns. As of 1st May, Serla package codes can be registered online to win prizes. This will be the last collect-and-get campaign using Serla squirrel labels.

Further information:
Mia Ropponen, Brand Director, Serla, Mola and Tento
Tel. +358 400 957 420