SAGA for ‘mobile eaters’

Metsä Tissue Baking and Cooking business introduces SAGA One-Up Express for ‘mobile eaters’ in snack bars, bakery outlets, food retail ToGo shops and canteens.
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SAGA One-Up Express protects tools, contact grills and dishes from grease and grime, saving time and effort by eliminating the need for washing. It also prevents cross-contamination of different foods since the surfaces are protected by the paper. Cooking and heating with SAGA One-Up Express is easy to learn also for casual assistants and non-trained personnel.

SAGA One-Up Express is excellent for the entire fast food process: pre-preparation, storing, grilling, frying, heating as well as displaying and serving. Only one sheet is needed for the entire process. The paper is packed conveniently in a One-Up dispenser, which makes it extremely easy and hygienic to handle. It is the perfect contact grill solution for preparing panini, hamburgers, pre-cooked meats, cheese, fish, wraps and other fast foods. It is also suitable for Merrychefs, conventional ovens and microwaves.

“SAGA One-Up Express brings several benefits for the ‘mobile eaters’,” says Mari Lappi-Kaipio, VP Marketing, Baking & Cooking. “The product quality is better than without paper and the product can be served directly from the paper, which is greaseproof and doesn’t drip or stain. It makes the process from preparation to serving tidy and hygienic. In addition to all this, the paper is easy to dispose of as bio waste or paper waste.”

Recommended by Electrolux

When SAGA One-Up Express was introduced to Electrolux, the concept exceeded their expectations. SAGA One-Up Express is the ideal solution for their new high-end HSG contact grill. “With the help of SAGA, there is no need to clean the grill each time it is used. It makes using the grill much more convenient,” confirms Lappi-Kaipio.

For more information, please contact:

Mari Lappi-Kaipio, VP Marketing, Baking & Cooking
Tel. +358 50 401 2288