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Some 50 different short stories submitted by Lambi’s Facebook fans have been printed on our products as part of the ‘Rolling Stories’ campaign in Finland and Scandinavia. With the total number of printed rolls totalling over 3,000,000 in Finland alone, Lambi now ranks among the biggest publishers in the Nordic countries. Campaign products will be in stores from mid-August to the end of October.

“Lambi scored a great success earlier by printing poems on its paper products. This time we wanted to involve consumers and asked them to write their own stories. During 2012 Lambi has collected more than 40,000 Facebook fans, and this was one good way of engaging them with the brand,” says Moona Pohjola, Brand Director.

Rolling Stories will not be a one-time thing. The campaign is on-going, with Lambi now collecting ‘Little big love stories’ on its Facebook pages. The stories have to be very concise, since the maximum “sheet space” is only 150 keystrokes. Stories collected by mid-September will be printed on rolls coming to stores in January 2013.

Further information:

Moona Pohjola, Brand Director
Tel. +358 40 8696074