New SAGA Cook & Chill Paper halves food spill

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Did you know that food waste has a bigger environmental impact than food packaging? Metsä Tissue’s SAGA brand is tackling this global problem with its new-generation SAGA Cook & Chill Paper. This new product has been specifically designed for cook & chill processes in institutional kitchens. Tested in authentic environments, SAGA Cook & Chill promises to start its own small green revolution by halving food waste levels in institutional settings. In addition, this handy innovation saves money, labour and dish-washing.

Saving effort, money and the environment

With the cook & chill process, food is prepared, cooked, cooled, transported, re-heated and served in large gastronorm (GN) pans. In institutional settings, the number of meals prepared per day runs into the hundreds or even thousands – and the costs, too, are calculated on a bulk scale.

In such settings, SAGA Cook & Chill Paper offers a number of special advantages. First of all, it achieves major savings by reducing spillage when food is served. Lining dishes with GN-sized SAGA Cook & Chill prevents the food around the edges from burning. The entire portion is thus consumed by the diners instead of being thrown away as waste. Practical tests confirm that the total food spill using SAGA Cook & Chill is only half that of conventional paper-less processes.

The paper also saves labour and time by making dishwashing easier. You get away with less scrubbing and soaking, as the food does not stick to the pan.

All these savings and efficiency enhancements contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the entire process – a green favour that will certainly be appreciated also by food-buying customers.

Easy and cost-efficient

SAGA Cook & Chill paper is easy to use. The same sheet can be used throughout the entire process from preparation through to service.  “The main new advantage over other baking and cooking papers is that SAGA Cook & Chill is  hard-wearing: the paper retains moisture up to 48 hours, and lasts the distance of the entire cooking and serving process. It won’t tear when serving, but stays where it should – in the pan,” says Raija Mörö, SVP, Baking & Cooking.

The Baking & Cooking team is offering a tool to help customers quickly calculate the savings gained with SAGA Cook & Chill paper. The cost of the paper is minimal compared to the savings achieved through reduced food waste.

The product development was carried out with kind assistance from Lahden Ateria, a meal service provider for the City of Lahti, Finland. The feedback from the pilot kitchen was extremely good and Lahden Ateria will continue cooking with SAGA Cook & Chill as a routine practice.

For more information, please contact:

Raija Mörö, SVP, Baking & Cooking
Tel. +358 (0) 1046 47610

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